The 1812 Pantomime - Snow White

Written by Peter Denyer

Directed by Em Whitfield

Acted byNatasha Jones, Heather Linley, Sophie Brown, Nicky Hollins, Joe Coughlan, Ed Power, Ben Coughlan, Donna Kitching, Becca Silk, Simon Read, Amber Mason, Lottie Barker, Oliver Clive, Amy Hughes, Felix Hughes, Freya Maxwell, Georgia Morgan, Sarah Barker, Helen Sheard, Maia Charman, Amelia Featherstone, Ruby Hollins, Esme Schofield, Emilia Schofield, Bobby Wilmott, Matilda Armitage, Niamh Lally, Esther Pollard, Heidi Maxwell, Nico Shaw                                                                                                                                         Isabelle Allenby, Lucy Allardice, Ursula Duncombe, Elsie Fisher, Isabella Freeman, Barney Laird, Harriet Morrison, Joshua Swift,Kayah Matuszewska                     Simeon Barker, Jana Laycock, Charlotte Robson, Tom Robson, Lara Stevens, Harriet Sullivan, Nyima Willis, Arthur Wilson, Emma Young.

Musical Director: Em Whitfield Brooks

Chorus Choreography: Rachel Nichols

Creatures Choreography: Becca Silk

Tykes Choreography: Natasha Jones and Florrie Stockbridge

Stage and Tech Manager: Steve Woolmer

Backing Track edits: Ru Brooks

Lights & Sound: Chris Stevens, Connor Hamilton              

Backstage Crew: Ella Cunnision, Morwenna Davies, Poppy Feather, Atlanta Russell 

Costumes: Stephanie Morris, Debs James, Judith Stevens                                                 

Set Construction: Steve Woolmer, Mike Goslin 

Hair: Mandy Silk              

Stage Props: Backstage crew

Set Pieces and Production Support: Sue Elm

Poster Design & Set Painting: Jo Walker                                   

Photography: Paddy Chambers                                              

Thanks to: Jean Sheridan & Liz Cox

This is a 1812 Theatre Company performance

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