From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads

Adrian Berry’s acclaimed sell-out production returns in this tale of a young David Bowie obsessive. This is an astonishing physical piece of solo theatre and visual storytelling performed by Alex Walton, featuring the music of David Bowie and the voice of comedian Rob Newman as Bowie himself.

Martin is a boy with problems - an illness no-one understands and a head full of sound and vision. So when an unexpected gift arrives on his birthday, Martin embarks on a thrilling journey in the footsteps of his obsession, leading him to discover some long-hidden truths about himself. What follows will change his life forever... Powerful and touching, music and magic realism collide in this darkly funny and moving tourde-force solo show featuring Alex Walton and the voice of comedian Rob Newman. With a blistering Bowie soundtrack, the life of the pop fan is dissected in this tale of unnatural teenage wildlife. This brand new and updated production sold out runs in London, Edinburgh and Germany.

Written and directed by Adrian Berry

Choreography by Layla Rosa (Shunt)

It was Critic’s Choice in the Sunday Times, Scotsman, Time Out and The List.

"Adrian Berry's first play turns out to be that rarest of things: a fringe play which exceeds all expectations. The play stays true to its convincingly complex characters. It is equally full of perspicacity and imagination and leaves the strong impression that Berry, as writer, is one to watch" Time Out Magazine CRITIC'S CHOICE

“Magic realism and dramatic resonance collide - this is a fine show" **** The Scotsman

"Moving and touching, it blew me away. I cried my eyes out. You forget you're in a theatre, and you can't ask for much more than that" BBC London Live

"This is a memorable show, a worthy depiction of anyone who has ever turned to their record collection in despair" ***** Three Weeks Magazine 

"A precocious wit and acuity underscored by emotional fragility, through an intelligent narrative" The Stage

"The kind of psycho-drama that doesn't get made anymore... Rob Newman's uncannily accurate impersonation of Bowie... wonderful " **** Metro 

"A chilling and highly wrought piece that shines with quality. This is great theatre" ****Morning Star 

"Unmissable. Emotional. Perfection. This beautiful piece of theatre"  Everything Theatre - 5 stars *****

From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads - The Trailer from From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads on Vimeo.

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