Three Inch Fools Present: Robin Hood- Friday Performance

The Three Inch Fools are an innovative touring theatre company acclaimed for their fast-paced and musically driven approach to theatre.

They have built a reputation for staging bold and vibrant productions - a fast-paced, musically-driven style, using all sorts of different instruments, plenty of multi-roling and many a quick costume change along the
way. For each production, they create a completely original musical soundtrack collaborating with rising star composer Stephen Hyde. The Three Inch Fools soundtrack moves between folk music and world music to
classical, rock, pop and opera - and everywhere in between!

Over the last six years, The Three Inch Fools have specialised in bringing Shakespeare to life in innovative and unexpected ways, through bold story-telling and innovative sound-worlds. And now they are launching a
brand new troupe, touring their first non-Shakespearean production - Robin Hood. This year The Fools are looking forward to an incredible summer on the road traveling the length and
breadth of the UK with their modern take on the traditional touring troupe. The Fools will perform come rain come shine in the great British outdoors at over 100 different venues across the UK - castles, gardens,
stately homes, historic barns, National Trust properties, village greens, churches, cathedrals, museums, arts centres, and even a royal residence or two (indeed any place where five actors and an audience can fit!).

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