The Schmoozenbergs - cancelled

We are very sorry to say that this event has been cancelled.

If you have tickets for the event, our box office team will contact you. Please be patient while our small team work through the audience list but do feel free to contact the box office at a time convenient to you to organise your ticket refund. 

HAC Box office - 01439 771 700 | [email protected]





Conjuring up the mood of 1930s Paris, fused with flavours of Eastern Europe and a liberal sprinkling of high energy folk, The Schmoozenbergs’ uplifting music will put a
smile on your face and a spring in your step. Influenced by a cocktail of musical traditions, from Gypsy jazz to Klezmer, Celtic, Balkan and beyond, they bring their ownunique character and expressive energy toan array of original compositions, alongsideimaginative interpretations of a selection of classic jazz tunes.

Their highly entertaining and engaging live show is full of beautiful musical interplay, irresistible melodies, and intriguing improvisations, all played with a light hearted and playful spirit. Featuring the soaring fiddle playing of Gina Griffin, the masterful double bass of Ron Phelan, and the bouncing rhythm and hot lead guitars of Sam Stennett and Tom Brydon-Smith, The Schmoozenbergs formed in Bristol in2012, andhave delightedaudiences at venues and festivals across the UK for the past decade.
2024 sees the release of their second album of original music. This new album, entitled ‘Mouse’, follows on from their 2019 album release ‘Awaken’

“Upbeat good time music” (Songlines Magazine)
“Played throughout with much gusto
...projects an infectious joie de vivre that will, no doubt, healthily up any heartbeat” (Morning Star)
“They have us racing around, peeking into other worlds...tapping toes and grinning from ear to ear” (Bristol24/7)
“a voyage of delight, a foot tapping whirl of expressive energy” (Liverpool Sound and Vision)
“Unashamedly good time, beautifully played music” (Fatea Magazine)

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