Tabitha Grove Exhibition - Finding Moments

"Reader, You may notice that I’m not the doing the whole writing about myself in the third person as if I’m so important that I’ve been written about. That’s because I want my work to be honest. So that starts with me, Tabitha Grove, talking to you dear reader/viewer/enjoyer of art. 

I love creating. It’s what I’m here for. I’m a costumier, actor and an artist. I’ve trained and practiced my whole life to make the work as true, effective and from the heart as it possibly can be. Why? Because I believe that storytelling is a cornerstone of what makes us who we are and art is a very tangible, accessible form of storytelling. 

We need storytelling and reflection more than ever. 

The story I’m telling is the story of the way we interact with our environments, how precious they are. I want my work to help you reflect on the fleeting moments of immense beauty that we miss every day without realising it, whether those moments happen on a grand scale in front of us or a moment we feel within us." Tabitha Grove

Exhibition opening times
Tue - 10am-3pm
Wed - 10am-3pm
Thu - 11am-3pm
Fri - 10am-3pm
Sun - 11am-3pm
Exhiitions are also available to view when HAC is open for events

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