Sue Slack - Celebrate in Colour Exhibition

Sun 20th June- Exhibition will be open from 11am-1pm

Sue’s inspiration comes from the North Yorkshire landscapes that surround her. She works predominantly in acrylic as she has found that this suits her technique of painting in layers of colour. This gives Sue’s paintings a kind of glow that has been likened to stained glass windows.

‘The colours are the colours I see in the landscape, accentuated and re-adjusted as the painting progresses.’ states Sue.

It’s the shape of the land that first attracts her to a certain view, followed by the light and shadows playing over the land.

Sue is passionate about the outdoors, whether it's running, walking or cycling and whatever the weather... although she admits to mainly being a fair-weather cyclist given the choice! Her enthusiasm for fell running she feels, has taken her to new places both mentally and physically and is a major influence on her work.She says that getting to know, through the soles of her feet, every bump, slope or rocky bit imparts a deep knowledge of the landscape she paints. 

It is important to her that the place she is painting is recognised and her work often appeals to walkers or cyclists who know the landscape well.

Sue is planning a sabbatical next academic year to explore and develop new avenues in her art. She says, 'Some people might think I am slightly bonkers wanting to spend a winter in the far north of Scotland, but I am really looking forward to it!' It'll certainly add a new dimension to Sue's paintings!

Sue is a member of the prestigious Fylingdales Group and is Chairperson of Lockton Artists’ Open Studios (LAOS)

Sue’s work is in private collections both in the UK and various locations throughout the world. She regularly takes on commissions. e-mail: [email protected] 

facebook: @sueslackpainter 

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Tue, Wed & Fri :10am-3pm
Thu & Sun: 11am-3pm

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