Stephen Bird Exhibition

Stephen G Bird is an artist living in North Yorkshire who works in a variety of painting and drawing media.  His pictures begin with extensive observational drawing in urban and rural landscapes. Back in the studio he creates pictorial and allegorical narratives from memory and imagination. Themes include tales from myth and legend, and the comedy and tragedy of the everyday. Life is dark but also funny.

Arts Society Event

Stephen Bird will give a lecture on a series of 21 paintings he created in 2015-16 on the Book of Genesis, a project funded by the Farmington Institute of the University of Oxford. The Genesis stories are fractured, kaleidoscopic, strange, poetic and discomfiting and the paintings explore these characteristics. The Arts Centre has kindly arranged for an Exhibition of the paintings at the same time as Stephen’s lecture. The accompanying catalogue includes commentary by the renowned biblical scholar Dom Henry Wansbrough.

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