Snake Davis - Virtual gig

I’m really missing playing live, it’s what I treasure most in my professional life. This virus is so terribly cruel to so many, including to us artists who wish to bring

people together, not to physically distance them, and to you lovers of the arts who are denied access to wonderful venues like Helmsley Arts Centre. I came up
with a plan to ease this pain somewhat, playing mini concerts in my home studio, streaming them live to all via YouTube. On Friday November 27th my ‘lockdown show’ comes to HAC, virtually. I’ll still be
in my studio here at home, you’ll be in your homes, but in our hearts we’ll be together in Helmsley. I’ll talk about my many visits and take a look at the history
and future of HAC.

Attendance is free although donations are extremely welcome. Sit back and relax or dance round the kitchen table. No sign up or registration to YouTube is
necessary although creating a free YouTube account allows you to join in with the live chat that rolls along. To participate all you need to do is to click this link a few minutes before 7.00 pm
on Friday November 27th.

Snake Davis is an internationally renowned player of saxophones, flutes and ethnic flutes, singing too. He has enjoyed numerous visits to HAC, playing a
large variety of styles, music that is always warm and accessible.

“Snake is a joy to work alongside. His musical skills have no limit, in fact he is as free as a bird.” DAVE STEWART (Eurythmics)

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