Robin Grover-Jacques

Robin’s work captures the emotions evoked through his interactions with the landscape.  The power of elements, wind, rain and snow resonating in his mind and informing the application of pigment onto the canvas.  His work portrays some recognisable and loved landmarks, bold and true, yet cloaked under dark looming skies and shaped by turbulent waters and penetrating winds.  His work brings you close to the landscape we walk and love.

"My work centres on the emotions evoked through my interactions with the landscape and the indefatigable natural forces of weather upon it. When I view the landscape I draw from it not only the forms and colour palette, but also the history of its formation and how the natural elements interact and influence its mood and power, from bright still days to the harshness of a winter storm, lashing out upon the weathered hills and moorlands." Robin Grover-Jacques

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