Richard Mackness Exhibition

As a sculptor, drawing has the immense attraction of being free from the constraints of gravity, and of physical structure - a wonderful opportunity to play. Such an opportunity presented itself to me a little while ago when I came upon a sheet of plywood that, being outdoors for years had split apart and opened up like a book. I decided to bring it into my studio and ‘illustrate’ this mysterious book. Carefully I separated the pages and cut them to size, and began to draw. After a time it became clear that I was creating a journal, a kind of traveler’s log, with each page a view of something encountered in a strange, far away land. An epic journey which gradually revealed itself to be the cycle ride from my home in York to my studio at Full Sutton Airfield. And the dream-like structures and landscape so familiar as to be almost invisible, part of a daily personal reverie. Lost, forgotten and found again leaning against a skip in a rural industrial estate, like a childhood memory.


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