Paper Cutting Exhibition: Trish Shaw, Alice O'Neill and Jane Carpenter.

Trish is an Paper Cut artist living and working in Scarborough. Using specialist paper and a small surgical scalpel to hand cut all of her work. Taking inspiration from nature, myths and symbols to make her images she draws and then cuts away both negative and positive parts of the drawing to make the artwork. At present Trish has been working on images within images, so the viewer often has to look twice to see the whole picture, reflecting life, sometimes you have to look beneath the surface to discover more. Each piece is very intricate and the finished piece is similar to a piece of lace. They are delicate works of art. Face Book Page

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Alice O'Neill

Paper cut art appeared during the Han dynasty in the 4th century AD after the Chinese invented paper in 105 AD. The art has evolved uniquely all over the world to adapt to different cultural styles. Traditionally designs are cut from a single sheet of paper rather than multiple adjoining sheets as in collage. I combine papercut and collage using various papers from all over the world.

Jane Carpenter is a self-taught artist, Jane is constantly working on extending her expertise and exploring new styles, media and approaches to her art. After moving to Staithes, she found inspiration from the beautiful and varied landscapes of the North Yorkshire coast and moors. Her paper-cut art reflects intricate patterns found in the natural world, interpreted with equally intricate and highly detailed work with a scalpel and paper.


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