Helmsley Decorative and Fine Arts Society - 'Iran: Land of Great Kings, Shahs and Ayatollahs'

Lecturer - John Osborne

John Osborne graduated in Classics at Cambridge and taught for many years at Marlborough College, before working for the British Council in Iran and Turkey. The first part of this lecture illustrates the mighty Persian Empire of the Great Kings such as Darius. Their palace at Persepolis has monumental architectural remains and a wealth of relief sculpture. The second part traces the development through the Islamic period of the architecture of mosques and palaces, and of their brilliant decorative tilework and painting, including the splendid buildings of Shah Abbas' early 17th century Isfahan. The political and religious background includes an account of how Shi'a Islam came to take root and become the ruling creed in the late 20th century Iran of Ayatollah Khomeini. 

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