Hannah Turlington Exhibition - Finding Myself Through Brokeness

Tue 3 May - Fri 1 Jul

North Yorkshire based artist, Hannah Turlington, has been practicing since 2015 and identifies herself as an artist researcher, who seeks to constantly develop her own practice and the mediums in which she communicates.

Hannah, originally trained as a primary school teacher and specialised in special educational needs. During the early years of her practice she worked predominantly in lino print; running print based workshops and creating bodies of work for exhibitions and open studios. 

Over the past 2 years, Hannah has expanded her practice and would describe herself as a mixed media artist. She uses her work to convey messages and stories around identity, conformity, being a woman and searching for self. She uses her own stories and those of other women to create meaningful work that connects. 

Hannah’s current work confronts the topic of losing a sense of who we are and regaining it; on paper and canvas by using hand and machine stitching, collage work, ink and acrylic paint. 

Her exhibition at Helmsley Arts Centre presents 2 bodies of work; ‘All These Things That I have Done’ and ‘Finding Myself Through Brokenness’. 

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Tue - 10am-3pm
Wed - 10am-3pm
Thu - 11am-3pm
Fri - 10am-3pm
Sun - 11am-3pm
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