Exhibition: Julia Burns - Ghosts and Shadows

“In Autumn 2022, frustrated by post-pandemic inertia and craving new stimulation for my work, I spent two months at “Cyprus College of Art”.

Despite it‘s name, “ Cyprus College of Art'' has no known academic accreditation -But trust me when I say, it is no less impressive for that. Situated in the small village of Lempa, next to the ancient ruins of a Neolithic village ( now a UNESCO site), on the hills just north of Paphos and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea , real magic happens!

Founded in the 70’s by the artists Stass Paraskos and his British wife, Mary, this inexpensive and unique retreat was established for visual artists of all ages and genres from across the globe, who come in search of like- minded souls, shared ideas and creative inspiration. Living is simple, accommodation basic and the ever-changing company is as diverse and eclectic as it is stimulating and challenging.

The work in this exhibition includes many of my drawings and paintings carried out whilst there and some of the canvases completed on my return.”

Julia Burns

Exhibition Opening Times
Tue - 10am-2pm
Wed - 10am-2pm
Thu - 11am-2pm
Fri - 10am - 2pm 
Sun - 11am-3pm 


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