Breaking The Silents' Presents Buster Keaton's 'Steamboat Bill Jr'

A unique opportunity to see the legendary Buster Keaton's film brought back to life with new music from Kieran White. This is Kieran's second Keaton score. Upon seeing his score to 'the Genral', Mark Herman, director of 'Brassed Off', says: "Kieran White's score and his live accompaniment raises an already almost perfect film to fresh heights ... It's a shame that Buster Keaton never knew that his flawless performance could actually be enhanced."


Kieran White is a York based pianist with many years of experience in teaching, performing, acommpanying, arranging, and composing. As a performer he plays both as a soloist and in a variety of ensembles, showcasing a wide range of styles from Classical to Jazz and Blues. Ever since he can remember Kieran has been fascinacted with composition. He describes his proudest accomplishment to date being writing a score to Buster Keaton's silent classic "The General", which he performed live alongside the film. Now Kieran returns with a new score for another seminal classic Buster Keaton film.

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