Pipeline Theatre present: Drip Drip Drip

On a hectic oncology ward, diverse clinicians treat David - cancer patient, discredited academic, and 'race scientist'. Unfortunately Professor David Jeffs is more interested in finishing his final lecture, about a Nazi doctor, hanged at Nuremberg, whose story now seems to be weaving into his. And he's running out of time.

‘Approaching difficult subjects with humour, Pipeline Theatre will make you laugh, cry and maybe see the world from a new perspective. Known for indelible characters and breathtaking production values, let them takeyou on a break-neck, darkly comic and taboo-busting journey through an NHS phantasmagoria.

Pipeline Theatre are the Cornish company who brought you Spllikin, a love story, the play with a real robot. All of their work has received rafts of 5 star reviews nationally. Don't miss this one!

Play Running time: 90mins

The play will be followed by a short interval and Q&A Session

"At Pipeline we’re committed to each of our plays leading to more than just a night out, and a quick conversation on the way home. We believe that having an audience in a shared space is a rare opportunity for a communal conversation, between actual people, face to face! Which is why in our plays we seek to ask questions rather than answer them, and, by taking our audience on an emotionally eviscerating ride, prepare the ground for a cathartic post-show de-brief, where personal experiences can be shared, knowledge imparted and debate allowed to flow freely."

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