Painting Portraits using mixed media with Bren Head - Sold Out

Most of Bren's life has been spent in the catering industry.

A perfect way to observe and analyse people.

After retirement she developed an interest in painting which resulted in a degree in fine art.

She is fascinated by the human face. However, her painted 'heads' tread the line somewhere between figurative and abstract and are rarely about capturing an accurate likeness.

Bren likes to employ a variety of mixed media, exploring texture and surface and working in layers  to produce tactile elements within the work.

'I work from intuition rather than pre-meditation. Through a process of creation and destruction the paint dictates what appears. I take pleasure in breaking the rules, taking chances and favour taking risks to manipulate the surface'

Bren has shown widely within the U.K. and has exhibited with The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Ruth Borchard Portrait Prize and in 2015 was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. She has work in the Priseman Seabrook Collection of 21st Century Painting and was recently selected for the Contemporary Portrait Award at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle.

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