I am Turtle

The Make Shift Ensemble with support from Norwich Puppet Theatre present: 

“Just how old are you Great Uncle Archie?”
“As old as time and a bit before then”
“….like eight in the morning?”
“More like half past ten”

Suitable for Age 3+

From the delightful storybook of The Makeshift Ensemble comes a new adventure through the deep blue. Discover the ancient song of the Sea Turtles as they guide us through shipwrecks and sea shells, to sing their song anew when the future of their underwater world is in peril from plastics and beasts of the deep!

A tale to enchant listeners young and old, 'I am Turtle' is an enthralling delve into the great oceans to hear Turtle’s story and what we can do to take care of their home.

"Powerful…..and very clever!" - British theatre guide

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