Helmsley Decorative and Fine Arts Society - 'Tibet - The Roof of the World'

Lecturer: Zara Fleming

Zara Fleming is an art consultant and exhibition curator specialising in the art and culture of Tibet, the Himalayan and Mongolia.  She has worked for a number of distinguished institutions, leads tours abroad and has published many articles in the field of Buddhist art and culture. This lecture is a general introduction to the history, art and culture of this extraordinary land, lying deep in the heart of Central Asia surrounded by some of the highest mountains in the world. Despite its geographical inaccessibility, it developed a rich and vibrant Buddhist culture and artistic tradition. This lecture gives a brief overview of Tibetan history from the time of the great Tibetan Empire (6th – 9th century) up to the present day; explores the fascinating art and culture inspired by Buddhism, introduced from India in the 7th century, and gives an insight into the current political situation. 


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