A Hidden Life(PG)

Austria, 1939. Peasant farmer Franz Jagerstatter (August Diehl), born and bred in the small village of St. Radegund, is working his land when war breaks out. Married to Franziska (Fani) (Valerie Pachner), the couple are important members of the tight-knit rural community. They live a simple - and despite Franz being called up for basic military training - a peaceful life for many years. 

However as the war rages on, long past France surrendings, Franz and the other men from his upper Austrian mountain village are called to fight under an oath of allegiance to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Wrestling with his own internal values, external pressure from the mayor and his farm neighbours who increasingly ostrasize him and his family, and the knowledge that refusal to pledge allegiance to Hitler will mean arrest and even death, with Fani's love and support Franz does not waver. 

Join the emotional, harrowing true story that follows Franz and Fani's committment to each other through prison, hostility to their family, ostracization, and a brutal trial that could end in execution.  

Length of film: 3 hrs 0mins
Directed by: Terrence Malick
Starring: August Diehl, Valerie Pachner, Maria Simon, Matthias Schoenaerts
Year: 2019
Country: United States, Germany

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