Mindfulness for Busy Minds

Mindfulness for Busy Minds is ideal for those people who find it hard to "switch off", are stressed and anxious or feeling that they need to find some way to control their thoughts and emotions.

Mindfulness is not just meditation or relaxation but more about becoming aware of your body, thoughts and emotions. In our rushed lives and busy routines, many of us do not manage to experience life, and feel that we are missing out because of how our mind races away with thoughts and stress. By bringing your mind into the 'now' you will gain awareness of your emotions and be able to remove the stress and anxiety before it begins.

This is a wonderful six part class (you are welcome to join as little or as much as you want) that will help you cope with day to day life, encouraging deeper sleep, less anxiety and more focus.

Organised by Life Fantastic (www.lifefantastic.io)

Contact the Box Office on 01439 771700 to book your place

£8.50 per session

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